kyrademon (kyrademon) wrote,

Fringe Reviews Part XXIII

Four shows on the final day of Fringe:

Austentatious: An Improvised Jane Austen Novel. Performed by Austentatious. Comedy. This group improvises a Jane Austenesque novel based on a randomly selected title from an audience member. Today's was "The Exciting !Wow! Palindrome Party. They turned it into a story about a man with a plan to build a canal in Panama. Very funny. 4/5 ("Excellent").

Siro-A. Choreographed and performed by Siro-A. Dance. High-tech show making use of all the Cool Effects projections and computers can provide. Fun. 3.5/5 ("Very good".)

Spillikin: A Love Story. Pipeline Theater Company. Theater. A show about love and memory loss, performed by four people and a robot. Excellent acting, although the script sometimes didn't live up to the premise. Still, 3.75/5 ("Very, very good").

Follow the Faun. Written and performed by Adam Black and Sarita Ryan. Interactive performance dance-rave vision quest ... thing. I don't honestly know what to call this show. It was a lot of fun, and a very original concept, sometimes executed excellently, sometimes not so much. Definitely something you probably won't see outside of Fringe, so a good way to end things. Also, quite a good aerobic workout. 3.25/5 ("Good").
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